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Habitat for Humanity Huron County History

Habitat for Humanity Huron County had its roots in late 2003, a small group of people from Hensall United Church formed a seed committee to determine the extent of interest people had in such a project. A breakfast meeting was held on January 10, 2004 at the church inviting others to study the feasibility. Various people from the region, along with a group from Wingham, attended the meeting. The Wingham group had already been working to start a Habitat for Humanity affiliate in the north end of the county. With the interest shown and the excellent attendance, it was determined that a county wide initiative might be the best way to get started. From that small beginning in 2004, the organization began to take shape.

Names were collected and slowly the organization evolved into a Steering Committee that began the lengthy process of meeting all the requirements to become an affiliate, as stipulated by Habitat for Humanity Canada's head office staff in Waterloo. Meetings were held at donated spaces all over Huron County for the next sixteen months. Additional people were recruited to fill key roles. Bylaws were drafted, governance policies put into place, human and financial resources were sourced, faith groups, service clubs and businesses were contacted, and the organization gathered momentum.

The Steering Committee evolved into the Board of Directors. It took longer than expected to put the pieces together because of the stringent policies and expectations of Habitat Canada, but with the strong foundations laid within those policies we can look forward to the long term sustainability of the Huron County Affiliate ... building homes ... building hope.

We hope to build at least one house a year.

Habitat Canada

In 1985 the first Canadian affiliate was formulated in Winkler, Manitoba. From there Habitat Canada has grown to span 10 provinces and two territories with over 72 affiliates coast to coast.

Habitat International History

Since its founding in 1976 by Millard and Linda Fuller Habitat for Humanity International has built and rehabilitated more than 300,000 houses with partner families, helping house more than 1.5 million people and becoming a true world leader in addressing the issues of poverty housing.

In 1984, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn took their first Habitat work trip, to New York City. Their personal involvement in Habitat's ministry brought the organization national visibility and sparked interest in Habitat's work across the nation. HFHI experienced a dramatic increase in the number of new affiliates around the country.

Results of Habitat for Humanity's Work

Through the work of Habitat, thousands of low-income families have found new hope in the form of affordable housing. Churches, community groups and others have joined together to successfully tackle a significant social problem - decent housing for all.

"I've never known a Habitat volunteer who bought one's own tools and traveled at one's own expense and worked hard without payment, that wasn't convinced that at the end of that challenge that their sacrifice had been relatively insignificant to the blessing that they had received.
Jimmy Carter
During his address at Habitat's 25th anniversary event

"It isn't always easy to turn good intentions into concrete reality. Habitat makes that possible. It is a wonderfully positive concept."
The Rt. Hon. Edward Schreyer
Former Governor General of Canada

"I believe Habitat must move forward at the fullest speed possible to continue to help families in need build simple, decent houses. For too many people need what Habitat for Humanity, stepping forward in faith and love, can do."
Millard Fuller
President and Founder
Habitat For Humanity International
September 26, 2001

The ''Builder 100'' survey ranked Habitat for Humanity the 15th largest house builder in the United States based on closings in 1999. Habitat was also ranked as the #1 lowest cost builder.
Builder magazine - May 2000 issue

"There are so many levels of human caring that get tickled in Habitat... the very essence of God is community, and when you gather together that is doing what we were meant to do."
Steve Bell, musician, ESWP'01 in Winnipeg

Building homes ... Building hope