Committees : : Faith Relations Committee

This committee seeks to strengthen the support of the Affiliate’s work by involving volunteers, prayer, and financial resources from faith groups within Huron County. The committee works in partnership with the faith groups.

Members of this committee have an interest in:

  • Developing a roster of faith groups in the geographic service area of Huron County.

  • Nurturing the promotion of Habitat in faith groups utilizing contact liaison persons, and working towards developing covenant faith group partners.

  • Developing and implementing an annual, long-range plan for recruiting and nurturing faith groups within Huron County.

  • Determining which faith groups are already supporting the work of the Affiliate,

  • Involving at least half the congregations in your area by developing a list of partnering faith groups.

  • Organizing presentation materials and work teams to approach the faith groups spreading the Habitat for Humanity story to as many congregations as possible.

  • Maintaining records of contacts made and information given out.

  • Following up with contacts.

  • Crafting partnership agreements when appropriate.

  • Ensuring that gratitude and recognition are extended to participating faith groups.

  • Coordinating the Building on Faith activities (3rd Sunday in September) across all congregations in Huron County.

This committee is in the growing stage and has not yet fully tapped into the vast resources that our local community faith groups could offer. If you have a desire to assist Habitat for Humanity Huron County with any of the goals of this committee, then we invite you to contact us indicating your desire to be a part of this committee.