Committees : : Site Selection Committee

This committee’s initial responsibility is to target the area in which the ministry of Habitat will develop and work. Ideally, this would be done in an area where property is readily available at a reasonable cost. Once an area is targeted, it is the committee’s responsibility to identify and recommend property for acquisition to the Board. The committee then follows through with the acquisition process.

When a property has been donated to Habitat, or is under consideration as a possible donation, the committee is to advise the Board on the suitability of that property for a Habitat building or rehabilitation project.

Members of this committee have experience in real estate, urban planning, land development, property appraisal or low-income housing programs in order to:

  • Evaluate the Affiliate’s geographic service area to determine appropriate and viable target-neighbourhoods/outlying communities in which the Affiliate could build/renovate.

  • Work with the Board to establish a process by which properties are acquired and a range of permissible costs per building site.

  • Establish and maintain criteria for the evaluation of Habitat building and rehabilitation projects.

  • Implement necessary research to comprehensively determine the appropriateness and viability of each site that is identified or offered to the affiliate and make recommendations to the Board.

  • Seek consultation of the Building Committee to determine the build-ability of an identified site.

  • Provide for the maintenance of all acquired sites until construction or renovation begins.

  • Constantly monitor the housing market and be aware of properties that would satisfy the evaluation criteria.

  • Seek the advice of experts, as necessary, to carry out evaluations.

  • Lobby municipal, regional and provincial governments to donate land to Habitat, suitable for building or rehabilitation projects.

  • Establish and maintain contacts with organizations and individuals knowledgeable about residential land use and prices in the region.

  • Be responsible for all real estate activity of Habitat for Humanity Huron County.

If you have a desire to assist Habitat for Humanity Huron County with any of these responsibilities, then we invite you to contact us indicating your desire to be a part of this committee.