Committees : : Family Partner Committee

The basic goal of this committee is to help families break the poverty cycle and become a successful habitat homeowner. The Committee seeks to welcome new families into the Habitat family and to provide them with a mutual support system, educational opportunities and a forum for discussions regarding homeownership and relevant Habitat policies and procedures. The Committee is the primary liaison between the affiliate and the homeowner families and enables the affiliate to learn more from Habitat homeowners and thus constantly improve the program.

Members of this committee have an interest in:

  • Supporting the partner families as a friend and information resource.

  • Providing homeowner training sessions in such areas as financial budgeting, legal matters and home maintenance.

  • Training the family sponsor/advocate/friend (S/A/F).

  • Developing tools and materials for supporting families, which may include a homeowner manual and tracking sheet.

  • Coordinating the family’s involvement with other committees regarding closure, house dedication and inspections.

  • Assuring that families understand and complete required sweat equity hours.

  • Coordinating the involvement of Habitat partner families in all volunteering opportunities and special events.

  • Assisting families throughout the entire process of becoming homeowners (answering questions, helping with planning and budgeting, recording sweat equity hours, identifying other community resources, follow-up explanations of training workshop materials, providing home maintenance tips, etc.).

If these are areas of interest to you, then we invite you to contact us indicating your desire to be a part of this committee.