Committees : : Family Selection Committee

This committee works to carry out:
- the Board's vision by defining the population in need of decent, affordable housing, and by developing processes and policies for selecting those in greatest need
- select families with whom Habitat can partner in its house building and renovating program
- and make recommendations to the Board of Directors

• Coordinate with the Fundraising and Outreach and Faith Relations Committees to develop and distribute materials related to the application process for prospective applicant families.
• Establish and periodically review criteria for family selection.
• Plan and present information sessions where the selection process and Habitat's program are explained in full.
• Review and screen applications submitted to HFH HC.
• Notify ineligible applicants within 30 to 60 days of completed application.
• Conduct home visits and report findings to members of the Family Selection Committee.
• Assure that all potential families understand the application process, selection process and the four selection criteria.
• Assure the selection process follows the law and uses objective, legal and non-discriminatory selection criteria.
• Collect and review other supporting documents (e.g. credit reports).
• Communicate in a timely fashion with potential partner families regarding the status of their application.
• Report on the status of present or potential applicants to the Board of Directors on a regular basis.
• Provide information regarding other local housing resources and programs or other relevant training programs to families.
• Provide feedback to the Board regarding effectiveness of current policies and procedures
• Adequately train new committee members and home visitors.
• Communicate effectively with the other committees and the Board.
• Develop an annual plan and submit a budget request to the Board.